Bunker Hill Golf Inc

BUNKER HILL GOLF was founded in 1989 on the Coastal Plains of Texas. The roots took shape at Burnet, where Dan Proctor and Dave Axland were invited to prepare a plan to build 18 holes for the City. The plan became known as Delaware Springs, and kicked o a partnership of design, construction and renovation that has lasted over 25 years.

We salute our associates who are the grease that makes the wheel turn. Movers of the soil, diggers of the bunkers, shapers of the design, they have helped us deliver recreation with value.


Jack is the senior shaper for the team. He has the ability to create on the land what the design team sees in their mind. His enthusiasm for the game and eye for artistic, strategic golf adds another perspective to the melting pot of skills for the BH team.


Paul was born, raised, and lives in the Sandhills of Nebraska. His background as a Turf Manager (Golf Course Superintendent for 25 years) along with an interest in developing sustainable golf courses in today’s economy has expanded our teams’ versatility. Paul is a lifelong golfer and golf enthusiast.